What? The NCSTIIID serves as the voice of ELs, representing SEAs and LEAs across the United States. We are small enough to hear individual voices, yet powerful enough to be heard as a whole. The organization provides its members with direct contact with the change agents in each state and at the Federal level. With two way communication between the council and the decision makers, our voice can be heard.

Who? Those eligible for membership are members of any SEA or LEA whose function is to provide supervisory, administrative, instructional and/ or consultative service in the education of ELs, and who support the purposes, goals and objectives of the Council.

Why? As a member you can:

  • Voice your opinions via surveys
  • Learn about the work of the council and current events surrounding ELs via newsletters
  • Participate in informational webinars on topics such as ESSA, OCR/DOJ, Newcomers, Long Term ELs, etc.
  • Serve on a work group (membership, conference, etc)
  • Attend the annual meeting/conference
  • Build a network of peer support

Note: Voting members (1 EL Director from each SEA) have the added opportunity to represent their states voice in votes on important council matters such as recommendations to US Department of ED, conference location and theme, webinar topics, as well as to serve on the NCSTIIID board. When? Join now by filling out the registration form! The membership year is July 1 to June 30.

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